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Something funny…
October 25, 2010, 10:31 pm
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A friend sent a link to this blog…things have been stressful for us and she thought I could use a good laugh. Check it out, but make sure you have an empty bladder first.

It’s been a long, long while…

I’m embarrassed to see how long, actually. July was the last time I posted…wow! Lots has happened, so I at least feel somewhat in justified in neglecting my blog for so long.

The Husband and I bought a new house. We are enjoying having more space and our own yard. Now, The Husband and The Father-in-Law are fixing up the old house with the hopes of putting it on the market. We’ll see. Given the housing market in our area, my guess is that we’ll be renting it out to some medical students or residents in June.

The D’s medical problems have been an issue. We went up to the Children’s Hospital in the nearby metro area on the 20th so he could have an endoscopy. We may have a diagnosis for him by Wednesday or so. They think he has eosinophilic esophagitis. I asked multiple times for a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist and was always treated like I was an overprotective mother. Now, it seems he has been taking a medication (ie Prevacid) for 2 1/2 years that was likely doing little to nothing for his problems. Given his issues with asthma, it doesn’t seem like it should have been a big leap to consider eosinophilic esophagitis.

So, I’m a little angry right now. His esophagus was kind of a mess. There was unexpected bleeding during his procedure due to the fact that his esophagus was so inflamed that just the scope touching it caused it to bleed. It has likely been this way for a long time.

So, we’ll get confirmation of the diagnosis and then go from there.

Work has been fine…I need to post a few good quotes…I’ll end with one that came from me today…

“You can be as mad as you want about there not being any open psych beds anywhere in the state, but you need to stop yelling at me.”


Please don’t worry, Carolyn!
June 15, 2010, 6:50 pm
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I’m fine…in fact I’m brimming over with blog topics. The problem? Why am I not typing my little heart out? Same problem as per usual…how to talk about some of my experiences without breaching patient confidentiality, among other things…like pissing off family members, friends or co-workers should they stumble upon my blog and see themselves in what I’ve written. Not to worry…here’s a few tidbits from my life in recent weeks…

1. I had my first opportunity to be a witness in a court of law as a social worker. I doubt it will be my last, but I can hope, right?
2. Quote from a conference last week…”The transition to death with always remain difficult due to the widely and deeply held desire not to be dead.”

A wish for a happy day…
May 29, 2010, 6:09 pm
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I am hoping that The Trench Warrior is having a wonderful day today, the day of her birth!

I may have to put my money where my mouth is…

There is a certain group of physicians in my community that do not take Medicaid patients and only take a certain number of Medicare patients. If you don’t have insurance, well, let’s just say you’d better have your credit card and/or check book ready.

My family actually uses this group. It’s a large group with a number of specialities. My family has gotten all over care there. The Husband’s diabetes is well managed there. My two difficult and high-risk pregnancies were managed there. The pediatrician for The G and The D are there. The D’s asthma specialist is there. We have always gotten good care there, but I am thinking we are going to have to switch providers.

The thing is, I think that they are immoral assholes. I know a person who very likely has colon cancer. She has been seeing a GI doctor at this group and had been able to scrape the money together to see him because “he’s the best.” But, here’s the thing. This supposed health care provider won’t do her colonoscopy to give her a definitive diagnosis and determine an appropriate course of treatment until she is able to come up with $2500. I realize he’s probably not made that decision on his own, that this has come from the business office, but to me it might as well be the same thing.

So, she was approved for financial assistance through the organization I work for….after two and a half months. Now he’s going to “help” her by getting in to see one of our GI specialists.

I am disgusted and appalled by this situation. And frankly I’m a little horrified that we have supported this group financially over so many years. So, I’m starting the process to get our care transferred to other providers. I’m a little loath to transfer The D’s care due to all of his issues, but I may just have to. We’ll probably have to at least stick with the asthma specialist, but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.

And this is also why I am continuing to advocate for health care reform. In case you weren’t aware, people really, truly are dying because they don’t have insurance. It’s not as dramatic to watch as a car wreck or plane crash, but sometimes it’s many times more tragic.