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Things look OK…
February 5, 2008, 12:13 am
Filed under: asthma, sibling rivarly

My son’s x-ray looked OK, according to our regular pediatrician. It didn’t sound like his x-ray looked normal, but definitely better than three weeks ago when the radiologist said he had pneumonia. Our pediatrician said it just looked like he had asthma.

We had a discussion about what to do next time he has a high fever in the middle of the night. What we will do depends on how high it is and how well it responds to Motrin. We will also judge how he is acting. At any rate, our pediatrician believes that David will probably get over-treated for awhile, just because of his history. I’m just very scared because of his history. Because he’s lost consciousness during an asthma attack and had a Pediatric ICU admission because of his asthma, statistically speaking, he’s at much greater risk of dying during a bad exacerbation. So…I will continue to watch him like a hawk.

I’m also feeling guilty because my older son was very sad that I had to miss his preschool class field trip to the music store today. It’s very hard for a four year old to understand why his brother’s doctor’s appointment had to be a higher priority. So, he’s been very grumpy and not so loving toward his brother. What’s a mom to do??


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