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Postcrossing Pity Party…
February 6, 2008, 8:43 am
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Like I said before, I’m a daily user of the postcrossing forum. It’s a lot of fun and for the most part I’ve met some really nice people. I am hosting a ton of Round Robins, both traditional traveling varieties and stamped ones as well. I really enjoy hosting them, I do. But, right now there are a couple of folks who are raining on my postcrossing parade.

One person has completely dropped off the forum. She has been sent many, many round robins and hasn’t sent them on. Before this, if a similar situation arose, I would restart the round robins and it wouldn’t be a big deal. In this situation I’m not able to do that…there are just too many. The very bright side is that several people have offered to restart the round robins that have been stuck on this person…so it really does show how many nice people that are on the forum.

The other issue is that there is someone who has started a few round robins and appears to be using very old cards…not nice, new, glossy ones that people are expecting to receive. So…people are a little disappointed because of that. I know not everone is going to be happy with ever round robin envelope they receive…but come on people…help me out here! I’m hoping my postings about what kinds of cards need to be sent will help get that situation resolved.


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