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News about a former friend…
February 15, 2008, 11:28 pm
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I learned last night that a former friend had her second baby. She and the baby girl are doing just fine, which I’m glad about. But this news just makes me so uneasy.

This friend of mine is married to a twice convicted sex-offender. He molested two different boys on two separate occasions and was convicted both times…once in 1994 and once in 1997. This is why we are no longer friends.

She never actually told us about his past…she had just said he had a really bad past. I was thinking he had stole a car or had been addicted to drugs or something. She brought this man to my house and around my children. This man knows the name of my boys and where they live. Another friend changed her son’s diaper right in front of this man! This former friend never said ONE WORD to us!

I found out completely by accident. Oregon had their on-line sex offender registry launched to much fan fare. I started to poke around on it and was shocked to see her husband’s name and picture pop up! I contacted his parole officer and then contacted child protective services as my friend had just had their first child a few weeks before. I don’t know if that was the right thing to do, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of a defenseless child being in that home without someone checking on the situation.

I know longer have contact with this former friend and wouldn’t even consider it unless she was no longer with this man. And even if she wasn’t with him any longer I would have to have a sincere appology from her…the fact that she brought this man into my life and around my children without fair warning of his “issues” still makes me quite angry today. I don’t even know if she realizes how wrong she was to do this.

And now there are two children in this home…and it just makes me sad and worried.


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