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Valentine’s Day…
February 15, 2008, 8:40 am
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Well, it’s not anymore…it seems that I never get on the computer until very, very late…I tend to get on here only once I realize I’m not going to fall asleep quickly. At any rate, my Valentine’s Day was unremarkable. My husband and I had an argument about money. I just don’t think we’re ever going to see eye to eye. He says weren’t not saving any money at all and I tell him he’s crazy…not very constructive, I know. I pointed out to him today that between May 2007 and December 2007 we actually saved about $6,000. In December we had a huge transmission problem in my van to fix and that cost $2500…and then we had a modest Christmas…but it was an expense we don’t normally have. Then, the garbage disposal died and the fan in the upstairs bathroom went kaput. That caused some moisture damage in the ceiling we had to fix. So, needless to say we burned through that $6000 due to unforseen circumstances.

But here’s the kicker…that is NOT our only savings. We have a very significant amount (above $25,000) in a CD account and we still have more than $20,000 in our checking account. I’m going nuts because we live very frugally (I’m not saying that’s a bad thing) but I am wanting to just LIVE OUR LIVES. We have to think about EVERY PENNY, DIME and DOLLAR we spend…he agonizes over whether or not I should have bought an ink cartridge for the printer…he wants me to wait until it completely runs out. He thinks I’m being irresponsible by purchasing one when the low ink warning comes up. It doesn’t matter that it could completely run out at an inconvient time.

Anyway…I’m rambling here…it’s a never ending argument where he just doesn’t see my point of view. I totally see his point of view, I just don’t think we need to live our lives to the extreme that he does.

So…we didn’t go out to eat…I didn’t even make anything special for me or the kids because I didn’t want to have a fight about spending money for a take out meal when we had food in the house.

I almost wonder if he has an anxiety disorder or something. He’s always been frugal but it has gotten worse in the past few months with the increased talk about recession fears. He’s also been reading a lot about peak oil and what it could do to the economy…so…I don’t know…but it’s really driving me crazy.


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