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I was naive….
April 29, 2008, 5:12 am
Filed under: employment search, job, social work, worries

I think I was naive when I made the choice to stay home with my children five years ago. It’s not that I regret it and I KNOW I would do the same thing again. I guess I just didn’t give much thought about re-entering the workforce. I have a Master’s Degree and had quite an extensive background in my field. I say “had” because it doesn’t really exist if it can’t be verified.

It’s been five years since I last was employed and I held that particular position for four years. So, my other positions were held nine and ten years ago, give or take a few months here and there. And those positions were with small, non-profit agencies that have undergone a lot of changes in the span of a decade. I doubt they keep employment records longer than five to seven years.

So, here I am…waiting to see if I can get my career restarted and it appears that it will be harder than I expected. This is one area of staying home with my children that I didn’t give a lot of thought or worry to. I worried about my retirement savings a lot in the past five years. I worried about how I could afford to keep up in my field (conferences are expensive). I never once considered that my work history was withering away on the vine and could potentially become worthless.

My husband tells me I need to calm down about this whole thing. After all, it’s only been a week since my second interview at the hospital. But, it just keeps running through my head that I won’t get the position simply because my work history won’t be able to be verified. I will have to start all over and pay my dues in low-paying positions all over again. This is not something I ever considered when I made the decision to leave the workforce five years ago.


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