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Sad news about a friend’s dad…
April 30, 2008, 10:25 pm
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I learned yesterday that my good friend’s dad died on the 20th. She finally had a chance to email friends to let them know about this sad event. The strange thing is that all last week I kept thinking to myself, “I need to call her. I really should call her.” There wasn’t any reason but it was really on my heart to do this.

I feel bad because I didn’t listen to my heart and kept getting sidetracked. Rationally, I know I shouldn’t feel bad because she was in Wisconsin and not at home, so I would have just been leaving a voice mail…but then again had I called last Monday when I first thought about it, I may have been able to reach her.

I’m going to be sending her some Mo’s clam chowder base next week. She always loves going there when she gets a chance to visit Oregon. It may seem sort of weird but I have always thought it’s sort of strange to send dead flowers to someone when someone they love has died…I know there are people who really enjoy flowers, but for me, I prefer to send something much more concrete. I can’t say my gift will be any longer lasting, but maybe more filling?


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