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Well, I guess it all comes out in the end…
May 30, 2008, 4:44 am
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A few days ago I wrote about a gentleman that had me worried.  I guess I should have been listening to my gut.  I know I couldn’t have known WHAT was going on, but my gut was telling me that SOMETHING was going on.

I ended up having to make a Adult Protect Services referral because there is possibly violence in the home.  The person committing the violence is also a vulnerable adult, so I basically made a referral for both of them.  The person I’ve been working with is safe now because he’s still inpatient but the other individual is still in the community without someone to help him navigate day-to-day life.

So, the referral is in place and hopefully people on that end will do their work.  Hopefully, when all is said and done, everyone in the situation will be safe.


My new job is going OK….
May 22, 2008, 5:46 am
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I’m learning a lot and it is a very fast-paced environment.  That has been good and bad.  The good thing is that I’m never bored and the day passes quickly.  The bad thing is that the day passes quickly and it is difficult to get to all of the referrals and is hard to get back and touch bases with previous referrals who really need follow through.  Today there were two patients that I really needed to get back and see and I was only able to make to one of them.  There were a couple of emergencies and I didn’t get back to the second one.  

I’m also enjoying working with my co-workers.  They are a very supportive and understanding group of women.  They understand that I haven’t worked in awhile and I’m still dusting off my clinical skills.  I’m feeling more confident by the day, but I’ll still get thrown by something.  Then, I feel dense. I need to work on writing up my assessments and writing my clinical notes.  That aspect has started to get easier but I’m still feeling like I’m not writing them very well and not very understandably.  No one has complained, though…I’ll just keep working on it.

I’m also learning how many people do not have Advanced Directives for Health Care, in spite of having very serious illnesses.  So many people don’t want to put anything in writing because they don’t want to think about it, or they seem to think their loved ones will know what to do because “they’ve talked about it.”  I actually fall into this category, but I’m going to get mine together and signed so it’s in place. I’m going to try and get it done before my next yearly physical so I can get a copy into my medical records.

All in all, it has been good.  I’ll continue to work essentially full-time until the end of June.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to hold up until then.  Aaron is still working on making that transition at home.  He is doing more to help with the kids and the housework at night, but there is still a lot left just for me…and that is so frustrating!  But it has gotten better.  About the time he makes that adjustment I’ll be down to working only a day or two a week and I won’t need him to do as much around the house. Oh well!

Adjusting, adjusting, adjusting….
May 10, 2008, 5:19 am
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Everyone is having to do some adjusting to me being back to work. Fortunately, the boys seem to be the ones adjusting the best. I didn’t work today. While we were getting ready to go to school, Gavin asked, “When is Grandpa getting here?” I said, “I’m not working today so you won’t probaby see him until Monday.” Gavin’s response was, “You should go to work today!” So much for missing Mom. It’s actually reassuring…this process would be much tougher if the kids were having a tough time with it.

It seems that Aaron is having the most difficult time with me going back to work. He hasn’t made the adjustment of doing some of the housework or making dinner. On Thursday, I didn’t get home until about 5:30. He didn’t even ATTEMPT to start dinner. I’m not in a position where I can just stop and call him to tell him I’ll be late. I was in talking with a patient and you just can’t stop in the middle of a conversation and say, “Hold your thought…I gotta call home and tell my husband to start dinner.” He still expects me to bathe the kids and put them to bed, but he doesn’t want to do any of the evening chores that need to be done. Things like emptying and/or loading the dishwasher, folding laundry, basic clean up, need to be done and now that I’m working I don’t think it’s fair for things to stay the same. We need to do some more negotiating.

And adjusting to professional life again…I feel like an idiot. I felt like I had to apologize for being so dense. I had to have help writing an assessment! Geeze! I kept saying, “I really did get my MSW!” Everyone is very nice and so helpful, but I still feel like I’m so slow and just dense! And getting used to the client population. In other groups I’ve worked with, judging affect was so much easier. But, on Thursday I talked with a lady with severe COPD and I honestly wasn’t sure if she was tearful or just so short of breath, she seemed that way. It’s going to be a huge learning curve!

Nervous, nervous, nervous…
May 7, 2008, 5:53 am
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So…I’ve been on the job for two days but tomorrow will be the first day of actually working in the social work department. And I am SOOOO nervous! Not having worked in five years…well, let’s just say I feel like my clinical skills are probably just a tad rusty. Then, add to that the needing to learn a whole new system. Oh, and add to that, they are seriously short-staffed in the social work department, so they are wanting me up and running as soon as possible. I’m feeling just a little bit of pressure and nervousness. So, of course, I’m dealing with it by staying up and messing around on the computer when I should be going to bed.

And I’m nervous because tomorrow we are starting David on a lower amount of inhaled steroids for his asthma. I really do want to do this. I’m nervous either way here…nervous about too many steriods in such a little boy and worred about not enough steroids in a little guy that came close to dying from an asthma attack last year. So, hopefully, at least during the summer months, we can have him on the lowest possible dose and do OK. Of course, there seems to be something going around…at least two children we know have come down with high fevers…so we may not be on the lower dose for long. Heck we may just jump right up to the 1mg concentration. But, it may all be OK.

So, it’s a stressful time for me…both good stress (I’m happy to be back at work), and bad stress (worried about how I’ll be able to perform professionally and David’s health issues)…so I need to just relax and try to get a good night’s sleep!

All that fretting over nothing…
May 2, 2008, 6:21 am
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So, it looks like I am about to re-enter the workforce. All my worrying about my resume being out of date and having to start all over again to develop a decent work history were for nothing. I received a call this afternoon from the hospital. They gave me a provisional employment offer. The provision is that I have to pass a urine drug screen by tomorrow at 5:30PM. That will only be a problem should they switch my sample with someone else’s. I shouldn’t joke about that…stranger things have probably happened.

I will be starting sooner than I expected. I thought the earliest I would be starting would be May 12th. They would like me to start on Monday…this coming Monday. YIKES! I’m also unsure if they’ll want me to work the rest of the week or what. It could be a bit of a problem because my mom had agreed to provide baby sitting on Thursday but they will be out of town on Thursday and Friday for a trip with my grandma. So…I guess we’ll see what happens.

The extra money will be nice and having some mental stimulation that doesn’t involve picture books and play-dough will nice, as well. I just hope it won’t be too disruptive for the kids.

I have already agreed to pay my mom $30/day for the days she takes care of the boys for me. I don’t think it’s really enough but she doesn’t really want anything more. I think it is more that she knows I value her contribution to going back work…I didn’t expect her to give up her time for nothing.

We haven’t discussed it with Aaron’s parents yet. I am leaving that up to Aaron…I’m just worried that he won’t do it, thinking he get away with not paying them. I’ve already told him, though, that even if they refuse to be paid we will be purchasing them gift cards for restaurants and stores that my mother-in-law likes to shop in. I can’t let them not be reimbursed.

So…right now I’m excited and happy! It’s a little crazy that just a few days ago I was so distressed and worried and now that has all gone away.