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All that fretting over nothing…
May 2, 2008, 6:21 am
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So, it looks like I am about to re-enter the workforce. All my worrying about my resume being out of date and having to start all over again to develop a decent work history were for nothing. I received a call this afternoon from the hospital. They gave me a provisional employment offer. The provision is that I have to pass a urine drug screen by tomorrow at 5:30PM. That will only be a problem should they switch my sample with someone else’s. I shouldn’t joke about that…stranger things have probably happened.

I will be starting sooner than I expected. I thought the earliest I would be starting would be May 12th. They would like me to start on Monday…this coming Monday. YIKES! I’m also unsure if they’ll want me to work the rest of the week or what. It could be a bit of a problem because my mom had agreed to provide baby sitting on Thursday but they will be out of town on Thursday and Friday for a trip with my grandma. So…I guess we’ll see what happens.

The extra money will be nice and having some mental stimulation that doesn’t involve picture books and play-dough will nice, as well. I just hope it won’t be too disruptive for the kids.

I have already agreed to pay my mom $30/day for the days she takes care of the boys for me. I don’t think it’s really enough but she doesn’t really want anything more. I think it is more that she knows I value her contribution to going back work…I didn’t expect her to give up her time for nothing.

We haven’t discussed it with Aaron’s parents yet. I am leaving that up to Aaron…I’m just worried that he won’t do it, thinking he get away with not paying them. I’ve already told him, though, that even if they refuse to be paid we will be purchasing them gift cards for restaurants and stores that my mother-in-law likes to shop in. I can’t let them not be reimbursed.

So…right now I’m excited and happy! It’s a little crazy that just a few days ago I was so distressed and worried and now that has all gone away.


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