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I’m not sure how people do it!!
June 2, 2008, 1:24 am
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Or maybe I’m just trying to hold onto too many activities while I’m working pretty much full time right now.  There are so many things that I’m used to being able to do…my postcrossing stuff, charity knitting, writing, journaling, etc.  And then there are the things that I HAVE to do…like the dishes, laundry, cooking meals, etc.  I haven’t been able to get to everything mainly because I haven’t wanted to give up time with the kids, since I’ve been seeing them less.  I’ve been feeling very irritable this past week because I just haven’t been able to get to everything I want to.  I just keep telling myself that the situation is only temporary, but it has still been hard.

And I’ve been asking myself, “How do moms, whose permanent situation is working full-time, get anything done?”  I just don’t know… obviously something have to give.  If I knew that I would be working full-time on a permanent basis, given our two-income status, the first thing I would do would be to hire a housekeeping service.  That in itself would be a huge freer of time.  I would probably also go to Dream Dinners and make up several meals there.  In fact, I’ve been considering that, but with Aaron’s diabetes, I’m not sure how those meals would stack up nutrition-wise to cooking from scratch.  Not very well, I would imagine.

It would help if Aaron would get in gear a little more with helping out around the house. It has gotten better over the past few weeks, so maybe by July or so, things will be more equitable.  Although, given past history, once I am less irritable his helpfulness will also start to wane.  Oh well…I guess that’s just the ebb and flow of a relationship.


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Be sure and take care of yourself…being a mom is demanding! My boys are teenagers now, but I fully remember feeling just as you do. As far as getting your husband to help? I have found that most men like to be asked.

Comment by sunshineliz

Oh I ask! LOL It just gets annoying to live with someone who has to be asked to help with the mountain of dirty dishes in the sink…it seems like it should be readily apparent that something needs to be done about them. LOL

Comment by oregonamy1972

just wanted to invite you to my blog at if you needed some encouragment today.

Comment by drunkdreamer8

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