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A fallen angel…
July 19, 2008, 1:20 am
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At least that’s how I’m feeling right now.  I’m involved with an organization called ChemoAngels.  The website is  Anyway, the purpose of the program is to set up people who are undergoing chemotherapy and other cancer treatments with volunteers.  Traditional angels send their patient small gifts and cards at least once a week.  Card Angels (that’s what I do) send their patient cards and letters at least once a week.  So far I’ve been a Card Angel to two patients.  I’m not sure what happened to my first patient because I was just notified by the organization that she had stopped providing updates and was no longer a part of the program.  Shortly after, I was assigned to my new patient.

Anyway….my patient informed me that she would be coming to our area for her job on a certain day that I’m already occupied.  I’m being purposefully vague because of a confidentiality agreement.  Anyway…I had originally thought that I would be able to go and see her do her job but that was before I remembered the other obligation.  Now, I feel bad because I had mentioned that I would be coming to the event in question that she is involved in.  Now, I have to tell her that I won’t…I just feel bad…

But, for anyone who is reading this…ChemoAngels is a great organization and I’ve found it very rewarding…you should check it out.  So, I guess if nothing else, me venting my disappointment is at least a way to maybe get more people to learn about it.


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