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The memory of a two year old….
September 7, 2008, 1:08 am
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So today we went to the little mall in Albany to do a little shopping.  They were having a “safety fair” sort of thing.  They had the police, sherrif’s office, fire department, forest service, etc., there providing information, balloons, free pencils, coloring books and the like.  They also had a LifeFlight helicopter.  My older son was SO very excited to see the helicopter and to be so close to the helicopter and seeing the pilot and flight crew.  My younger son, on the other hand, was pretty well freaked out.   Then, apparently, they were called out to an accident.  They backed everyone away and fired it up and took off.  Once again, my older son thought that this was the most exciting thing he had ever seen and my younger son become totally unglued.

I think he was remembering , at least on some level, when he had to be life-flighted to the children’s hospital about 15 months ago.  My husband thinks I’m crazy to think he could possibly remember that given how sick he was and how much younger he was at the time.  But, I don’t have any other explanation for his reaction.  I remember that even shortly after his illness when he would hear helicopters he would run to somewhere he felt safe.  This would happen fairly frequently since we don’t live too far from the hospital.  He no longer does this.  But I don’t have any other explanation for why he would be so frightened by seeing a helicopter up close, other than having some sort of memory about his one and only helicopter ride.