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Why do parents let their kids be jerks??
October 9, 2008, 2:45 am
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Well…I would guess most parents don’t intend on having children who will be jerks, but I just wonder how parents can let some behavior go unchallenged. Recently my 3 year old has taken to this little baby doll. He calls it “Baby Ga Ga”. Baby Ga Ga is not a boy OR a girl, apparently. But, Baby Ga Ga goes everywhere with the 3 year old, including bed, the store, the library, to pick his brother up from school, etc. Anyway…the other day we went into a local craft store and Baby Ga Ga was in tow. We were in the children’s craft section and another little boy, who was at least 5 and potentially older (I have a hard time judging the ages of kids between 5 and 10 for some reason), walks up to the 3 year old and says, “Boys aren’t supposed to play with dolls! That’s really dumb that you have a doll.” The poor 3 year old, he just looked up at me for direction and I could see he was considering whether or not to start crying. The other boy’s mother was right there and just looked at me. So, I said, “Well, there is no reason why he can’t play with a doll. I think it’s great that he loves this baby so much.”

The fact that he seemed a bit cowed by the fact that I even responded makes me think that he may have been trying to get SOMEONE to set some limits for his behavior, I don’t know. I was a little irritated that I was the one that had to do it for someone else’s kid. It also made me sad that my little guy had to have the little hit to his self-esteem. Then, as we were leaving the store, my older son (who’s 5) said, “Mommy? Is brother naughty for playing with a doll?” I explained absolutely not, that it was OK for them to play with whatever toy they wanted as long as it was safe and they weren’t hurting anyone else by playing with it. He seemed OK with the answer. It was just disappointing because that was not how I expected a fun trip to get some craft supplies for them to end.


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[…] Why do parents let their kids be jerks?? […]

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Parents let their kids be jerks because they themselves do not understand how to properly reprimand and control their own children. What you have to decide is were their own circumstances growing up as a child negative enough to effect them and in turn, they are bad at parenting, or, is it their responsibility now that they are mature adults to overcome their past adversity, or learn how to be a better parent? It varies widely based on the circumstances

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