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How much money was spent on that dumb turkey today??
November 27, 2008, 3:03 am
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So, I just finished watching the evening news.  And they had a story about the two turkey who received presidential pardons for Thanksgiving.  I hadn’t paid much mind to this in previous years but this year it really bothered me.  Apparently the turkeys were put up in a suite at a four-star hotel in Washington, DC last night.  Then, they were driven, via limo, to the White House for the their pardon ceremony.  From there, they were flown 1st Class to LA to take part in the Disneyland Holiday Parade.  Apparently, they’ll be the grand marshals.  I’m not sure where they’re staying tonight.

So, I got to thinking…how much is this all costing?  I’m sure that the services, such as the hotel rooms and the airline tickets are “donated”.  But, if there was a dollar amount put on this, I wonder what it would all be?  How can the government be partaking in all of this, in light of the economic crisis, the health care crisis, the crisis of child poverty, etc, etc.  Why couldn’t they have picked two turkeys from a Virginia farm and then sent them to some animal sanctuary?

This just aggravates me after spending a day dealing with people who have no insurance and no money to pay for their needed medications…or rent…or food…or…or….


When is enough enough?
November 25, 2008, 3:31 am
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I’m dealing with a tough case at work.  And I’m wondering if there is anything that we can do about it.  In this particular case, it is a patient and a family member who has provided care in the past.  There is no question that this person provided good care.  At this point, though, the patient probably actually qualifies for hospice.  The family member is wanting very, very aggressive treatment.  The doctors who have been handling the case (there have been at least three or four as the hospitalists go through their shifts and rotations) have essentially bowed to every wish of family member due to this person’s very confrontational manner.

The family member’s wishes have shifted about as often as the wind has shifted.  I’ve made the determination not to speak with this person one on one.  I’ve listened to this person twist the words of other staff members and flat out lie about what was said.  So, I will not meet with this person unless I have a witness.  This person strikes me as either having a personality disorder and/or a substance abuse issue.  As I watch what is going on with this patient, I’m left to wonder if there is some measure of financial exploitation going on.  In spite of the patient’s wishes of not receiving certain forms of treatment the family member is demanding these things.  The doctors have bowed to this family member’s wishes, I think, due to fear of litigation.  These treatments are extending the patient’s life.  I feel the family member is wanting to extend the patient’s life because the patient’s social security check is going to the family’s checking account.  

While I can understand the problems faced by family members when they take care of a loved one who is ill and disabled, I am having definite misgivings about this situation.  The patient is refusing what they can (which is very little) and this is what has precipitated the additional treatments demanded by the family member.  But, I don’t know that it could ever be proved that the family member is demanding very aggressive treatment due to the financial aspect of their relationship.  One doctor suggested it is because of the family member being unable to accept that the patient will die.  I don’t entirely discount this, however this family member spends very little time at the hospital.  They come to the hospital only when it appears that the patient will be discharged to a nursing home (which would necessitate a redirection of the patient’s funds to help defer the costs).  I am at a loss as to where to go.

I’ve been MIA…but now I’m back…
November 19, 2008, 6:18 am
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I had been telling myself that going full-time at work wouldn’t really be much different than what I had been doing.  After all, I had been working the occasional weekend and many weeks had been working 3 and 4 days.  Well, I guess it was more than I had anticipated.  Of course, some of that time I was sick and then there were parent/teacher conferences and Halloween.  But, at any rate, I’ve decided I should update my blog and let you all know that I’m still blogging.

Of course, when I say, “Let you all know” I feel so pretentious!  Like I have so many views to my blog or something. Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental of myself…maybe “you all” are the little community of social workers.  At any rate, I’m still here!