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I’ve been MIA…but now I’m back…
November 19, 2008, 6:18 am
Filed under: social work

I had been telling myself that going full-time at work wouldn’t really be much different than what I had been doing.  After all, I had been working the occasional weekend and many weeks had been working 3 and 4 days.  Well, I guess it was more than I had anticipated.  Of course, some of that time I was sick and then there were parent/teacher conferences and Halloween.  But, at any rate, I’ve decided I should update my blog and let you all know that I’m still blogging.

Of course, when I say, “Let you all know” I feel so pretentious!  Like I have so many views to my blog or something. Maybe I shouldn’t be so judgmental of myself…maybe “you all” are the little community of social workers.  At any rate, I’m still here!


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Hey, welcome back!

Comment by Me

I noticed! :))

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