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Alternative Media and Social Workers
December 20, 2008, 11:47 pm
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I think it was CB from Fighting Monsters that had talked about alternative media and social workers.  So, I’m a Facebook junkie and was messing around on there today.  There’s a whole group of social workers.  The title of the group cracks me up…”I’m a Social Worker…not a freaking magician!”  Anyway…just wondering if there are any other social workers that use Facebook or twitter or any of those other things?  Blogging seems to be the main form of alternative media for social workers, but just wondering what others’ thoughts were on things like Facebook and/or Twitter?


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I’m on Facebook, but I’m wary of it due to privacy issues. I know that even if I’m careful with the settings, what I post on there can be seen by others through different means.

At my last practicum, we had a discussion about it and some of the therapists/social workers didn’t even know about the privacy settings. Also, they regularly dealt with clients and co-workers (and bosses) wanting to add them as friends. What do you do then? It’s a bit of a problem, IMO.

It’s a great discussion to have, though. I believe there’s a place for new media for social work, especially in fostering inclusiveness and belonging. It’s difficult for people on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale to get online, but not impossible. Hell, I know of a couple homeless bloggers that post from libraries! Now THAT is cool.

Comment by antiSWer

I am obviously on Facebook but I tend to post very little about my job there…I tend to use that for mostly personal and somewhat inane stuff. But, it just seemed interesting that there was a place even on Facebook for social workers to congregate.

As far as co-workers and bosses want to add me as a friend…I have a former co-worker as a friend and a current co-worker. But, since I seldom post anything deeply work related it hasn’t bothered me. Of course, there can still be the issue of boundaries. And then the question becomes do you want people who know everything about your goings-on at work to know everything that is happening in your personal life, too?

Comment by oregonamy1972

I’m also on Facebook although to be honest, I don’t use it as much as I did. When people at work started adding me as a friend, I had to be a little more guarded about what I wrote (which was mostly things about what a horrible day I’d had or how stressed I was feeling rather than anything to do with the details of the work!). I joined a Community Care (magazine for social workers) Group.
I tend to use as for personal stuff rather than anything work related or networking. That said, if you know my name, feel welcome to add me. I can’t promise anything overly exciting though… !

Comment by cb

I just have to add as a funny aside, the first person to ‘friend’ me on facebook was my 68 year old father.. I wonder how many people can say that!

Comment by cb

That is actually pretty funny to have your dad adding you as a friend!

Comment by oregonamy1972

hoo boy….I can sure identify with that facebook group title.

Comment by jay

There are quite a few social work groups and pages on Facebook. I am the editor/publisher of THE NEW SOCIAL WORKER magazine and, and we have pages on Facebook. There are also groups for some NASW chapters, and has a group. There’s quite a large community of social workers there!

Comment by Linda Grobman

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