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My youth is over….
January 7, 2009, 3:32 am
Filed under: inauguration, Obama, youth

I just learned this today.  I heard on the news that Obama is having a special inaugural ball for the youth who supported him.  Apparently the tickets are only $75, about half the price of other balls.  It’s open for anyone 18 to 35 years old.  So…I missed the youth cut off by almost 2 years!  I didn’t even know I wasn’t young anymore!


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LOL – I remember the first time someone called me “M’am” I was devistated.

Comment by DrowseyMonkey

I know, I still hate having to tick the 35-50 box on survey.. I want to shout at the form that I’m only just out of the 18-34 band!

Comment by cb

Don’t believe them. You’re still young. As they tell me (a little older than you) We had to make a cut-off somewhere.

Comment by therapydoc

this year i will be 55….the enormity of that just hit me a few days ago 🙂

Comment by prin

Woah! You changed your blog!

I didn’t know I wasn’t young, either. Boy, that sucks.

Comment by Reas

🙂 It’s funny how people perceive youngness, anyway I like your blog.

Comment by Emma

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