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Oh Lordy!
January 13, 2009, 7:09 am
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So, with the D’s upcoming surgery, I’m a little bit of a basket case.  Of course, I’m obsessing over every detail.  I thought I had worked through some of my worries, but not entirely.  I haven’t been overly concerned with the surgeon we were referred to.  A hernia repair is a pretty simple and straightforward thing.  I have been obsessing over the anesthesia, given the D’s history of severe asthma.  Part of that obsession has to do with where the particular surgeon would want to perform the surgery.  There’s an ambulatory surgery center associated with the clinic connected with this doctor and I’m just not comfortable with the D having his surgery in that environment.  If something were to go wrong with his anesthesia (or anything else for that matter) he might as well be across town from the hospital, even though he would only be a block away from the hospital.

So, because that was the main area I was obsessing about, I hadn’t given a whole lot of thought about the surgeon.  Our pediatrician recommended him because apparently he does a lot of hernias, both adult and pediatric.  The surgeon apparently has good technical skills.  Today, however, I decided that I should do a little more investigating around the hospital about this particular surgeon.

I learned that, indeed, he is highly skilled and very competent as a surgeon. But, talking to a few people, it seems that his people skills may be a bit lacking.  In fact once nurse went so far as to say, “I can’t imagine that man working with a small child.”  Of course, I didn’t learn this information until the end of the day and it sort of sent me into a tail spin.

So, tomorrow, I am going to be calling and requesting a referral be sent to another surgical practice.  By using this other practice, I’ll solve a number of problems.  My insurance will pay a bit better, even though my insurance is only a secondary for the D at this point.  And that’s what I’ll be telling our pediatrician, so I don’t alienate him from his colleague.  But, also by using this other surgical practice, I know for a fact that the D will have his surgery in the hospital, with all the associated bells and whistles available to him should something (God forbid) go wrong.  I know this because they do not have an ambulatory surgical center at their disposal.

So…wish me luck in making all the necessary appointments!


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All the best with all the arrangements.. sounds very stress-inducing so lots of positive thoughts from over here..

Comment by cb

Sending positive vibes your way! Hope it all works out for the best … I’m sure it will 🙂

Comment by DrowseyMonkey

The anesthesia thing scared me too when The Diva went under the knife a couple of years ago (tonsils.) It’s all those damned forms: Warning! Death is possible! We had it done at a center, not the hospital and it was fine.

For what it’s worth, aren’t the surgeon’s technical skills the most important thing to consider, given the circumstances? I like a nice bed-side manner, too, don’t get me wrong. But the nurses can certainly offer this as well, right? Food for thought.

Good luck to you both!

Comment by Reas

I’m actually very relieved with the decision we made on the surgeon. He comes highly recommended both because of technical skills and being, as one of the pediatric nurses said, “a gentle spirit.” The fact that EVERY nurse I asked said I should choose this particular surgeon makes me feel very confident in this choice.

As far as the anesthesia…I’m just so worried because of David’s asthma. If they have to intubate him, that could cause a flare just on it’s own. The gases they use can also cause an asthma flare, too. We’ve been told that we absolutely have to reschedule his surgery even if he only has a runny nose…so he’ll be sort of segregated from other children once we get the surgery scheduled and his poor brother will be washing his hands raw once he gets home from school and other activities. Just a little paranoid about all of this.

Comment by oregonamy1972

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