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A new blog surfing website…
March 27, 2009, 2:37 am
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So, I always look at my blog stats page. It’s part of my blogging obsession…trying to figure out how many hits my blog has had on a given day and where those hits have come from.

So, I see some of my hits have come from condron. I wasn’t sure what the heck it was, so I clicked on it. It’s pretty interesting actually. Apparently, they connect to wordpress and blogspot blogs randomly, then they flip through them on their website. So, you can just go there and watch the different blogs flip by. It’s fast but not so fast that you can’t stop it to check out a blog you might find interesting. I guess it’s just one more thing for me to waste time on.


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I know exactly what you mean! It seems the vast majority of my time spent online these days is snooping my visitors. I’m not too sure what counter you use, but might I suggest checking out They have a whole wealth of info about who’s visiting your blog, how long they stay, referrals, time spent, location, all sorts of crazy cool stuff. The best part, of course, is that it’s free! I also use Google Analytics, which provides a nice graph of the amount of visitors you get from day to day.

I must say, that Condron website is fascinating! I even signed up my blog for it just to see if I get anything. Thank’s for the info!

Comment by Ryan

I can say for my little blog, since signing up on the condron site my traffic seems to have doubled…so I don’t know if just my blog flashing up there ends up counting as a hit or not. I’ll have to check out the sitemeter.

Comment by oregonamy1972

=) Thanks for the link. Like I need another distraction….

Comment by Reas

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