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Weeding out my posts…
April 12, 2009, 5:09 am
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I have gone through and weeded out a few posts. With some things going on at work, I felt like I needed to delete of few of my posts. I don’t think anything was particularly inflammatory or even harsh, but I wouldn’t want a particular person to locate those posts and use them against me…so if you were looking for something and can’t seem to find it…that may be where it went! The cyber-garbage can!


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Yeah, I’ve done similar things. I don’t think I’ve deleted a post, but I’ve certainly edited a few so others couldn’t “find themselves” in it.

Comment by antiSWer

I’m just back from FL and have lots of tales to tell but am trying to decide what I’ll divulge. My relationship with the main offender, my SIL is non existent with no real incentive on my part to change it so I’ll probably tell all.

But work related stuff I’d probably weed out too!

And thanks for the birthday wishes on Facebook!

Comment by Kia

I hope you had a nice visit to FL. The only word to the wise I’d give you on the SIL situation…just make sure you don’t alienate your other in-laws (ie the father and mother variety).

Comment by oregonamy1972

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