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Doing the right thing…

This is a theme, I think, in every social worker’s career. Are we doing the right thing for our clients, their families, for society. I like to think of myself as a person who strives to do the right thing.

However, I feel like maybe in certain circumstances I wouldn’t always be as strong in that stance as I would like to think. I’m reading “The Zookeeper’s Wife” right now. I have read several books, both fiction and non-fiction, based on the Holocaust. One of the main things these stories always bring up for me is, “Would I be as brave as these people were.” The zookeeper and his wife, Jan and Antonina Zabinski, risked their lives and the life of their son to rescue and protect over 100 Jews during the Nazi occupation of Poland. I wonder if I would be brave enough to risk so much in order to do the right thing.

It’s easy to have a knee jerk reaction when thinking about something like this. It’s easy to say, “Well, of course I would do the right thing!” Unfortunately, I don’t know. I think of all the people in Germany and the occupied countries that turned a blind eye to what the Nazis were doing. I don’t think those people were totally evil. I don’t even know that I can say they were completely cowardly, not having been in that situation before.

If nothing else, reflecting on this topic, and thinking of people who made very difficult decisions that held their very existence in the balance, makes me realize that I can probably buck up and handle a doctor being angry with me for doing the right thing.



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Yes, a lot of those people just lived in lala land during the holocaust and pretended it wasn’t going on for their own sanity. Then again, do you think they could live with themselves after the holocaust was over?

Comment by Mike

I have often thought about this myself. I would HOPE I would be the sort of person to risk whatever to do the right thing. I HOPE I would not be disappointed in myself. I am secretly relieved that I have not ever had to be in a position to make tough choices like that.

Comment by Carole

I don’t think we can ever know whether we would be able to buck up and do the right thing until we’re in the situation. I believe that a lot of people that say they would definitely do something would not, and vise versa.

We can only do what we do, and strive to do better all the time.

Comment by antiSWer

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