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Flu Epidemic??
April 24, 2009, 9:33 pm
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This story has me a little worried, especially since I work in a hospital. I’m thinking the story was breaking during my work day today. They mentioned nothing about it at work, no news bulletins, nothing. I am hoping our hospital will have some sort of response to this potential threat on Monday.

I worry about this sort of epidemic happening in tough economic times. They have made the recommendation that people exhibiting flu like symptoms to stay home from work. Are people who are living on the edge going to stay home for flu like symptoms? I doubt it. Obviously some of the victims of this virus were beyond going in to work, but maybe not in the early stages.

I also wonder how I would handle my job if there was a widespread epidemic of this nature. A few months ago, before the husband was laid off, my answer would have been simple. I would not go into work, at a hospital, and put my family at a higher risk for exposure to a virus such as this one. Now, that I’m the primary bread winner, the answer is not so simple.

Hopefully, it won’t come to that, but you never know. They’ve been saying for awhile that we’re due for an global flu epidemic.


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I just saw this story being reported on the news. It is quite scary but always hard to know how to react I think, unless you are in that position. We are told to stay home with any gripes or grumbling unwellness when they have various (usually gastric related) viruses spreading around so as not to pass it on to patients more than anything else!
Does sick pay not cover this though?

Comment by cb

For me personally, I have about 70 hours of paid time off accumulated. Considering I’ve heard it reported that it could take 10-12 weeks for an epidemic to burn itself out, at least, I would have about two weeks to decide what I would do. There are a number of jobs in the US where there is no paid time off…you either work and get paid or you don’t.

Comment by oregonamy1972

I know that this a really sobering topic in general but especially given D’s health.

We live adjacent to and grocery shop primarily in an area that has been written about nationally as a hub for immigrants from Asia and Latin America. Whenever there is talk about a global health epidemic I feel a twinge of worry because the same reason why I love frequenting exotic restaurants and having a truly international farmer’s market could put us at risk…

Comment by Kia

There was a small scale outbreak of swine flue in 1976 at Ft. Dix and it only spread to 4 people with one death. I’m only slightly concerned that if I would come in contact with someone suffering and would come down with it. That being said, I am grateful to have a job that allows me plenty of sick time and disability and no risk of loosing my job. I am a BIG proponent of not going to work when you’re sick swine flu or otherwise. So I wouldn’t be going. I know thats a luxury others don’t have.

Comment by Sgt. SW

I agree…if you are sick, stay home! And by home, I mean, in your house.

Comment by oregonamy1972

I read in the paper this morning (well, on the newspaper website) that the European Union has now issued travel advice about only visiting the US and Mexico if absolutely necessary! Seems a bit dramatic in my unlearned humble opinion – I’m just worried now about my planned break over there in the summer – I know that’s a bit selfish..

Comment by cb

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