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June 10, 2009, 7:11 pm
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More insurance woes for us. We are switching to a new health insurance policy now that The Husband’s severance package has ended. The Husband’s insurance was very, very good. My insurance, not so much. It appears that we could have to pay, after insurance pays their part, about $500-$600 per month for The D’s prescriptions for his asthma. Right now we are letting the doctor and insurance company battle it out. We may have to drive up to Canada every three months to get The D’s prescriptions filled. We can get The D’s meds for less than our copays. I guess we could also get them mail order. Our other option is to choose a second best treatment plan. A horrible place to be, going with second best for your child that has already had a life-threatening episode. But the thing is that, there are people in this country who aren’t even able to get to a second best option. It is a very sad state of affairs.


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I hope you can work something out, I know it’s got to be incredibly frustrating…

Comment by Kia

It’s a sad state of affairs that you are put in a position where you fork over $6000 a year for medication for your child. This is WITH insurance. It’s sad that you consider going to another country for the meds, when our resources here are so abundant it’s unreal (and thank goodness this is actually a workable solution for you. It wouldn’t be for me.) How can people possibly *think* we don’t need a complete overhaul of the healthcare system in this country?

Comment by Reas

That’s both sad and unbelievable. I hope things work out.

Comment by cb

Fortunately, after our specialist writing a frightening letter to the insurance company saying that The D could DIE if we changed his medications around, they have lowered the co-pays. We’ll still be paying more than we had been, but at least it won’t be 25% of my take home pay every month.

Comment by oregonamy1972

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