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The Husband Has Hit My Last Nerve Tonight!
July 31, 2009, 7:14 pm
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I am going to attempt a measured post here…but boy does The Husband have me steamed right now. Currently, it is about 7:00 in the evening. I was just asked by the husband to cook the boys some dinner.

So, here’s the deal! I worked all day today. I’m tired, physically. Frankly, I’m also tired emotionally of the blatant double standard. Unless I was deathly ill, my husband would never have agreed to cook dinner for the boys when I was the full-time, stay-at-home parent. He would have also insisted that I plan the menus and wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Tonight, I snapped. Not only did his request push me over the edge, it also brought a lot to the service. I began to think about what he had been serving the boys when I got home from work. Nine times out of ten, he is serving them either hot dogs, sandwiches (grilled cheese or PB&J), or something from a can (think Chef Boyardee). Vegetables….maybe, maybe not…all depends on my husband’s mood.

It is hard for me to be away from the boys all day and then for The Husband to be so lax about their eating habits just makes it that much harder. It is especially frustrating given the fact that The Husband is diabetic and should know the importance of a health diet. He takes great care in making sure he is eating properly and I just can’t understand why he can’t do the same for the kids.


Drugged HIPAA Violation??
July 30, 2009, 6:55 pm
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So, today I had a colonoscopy. I have a pretty strong family history of colon polyps (my brother is 33 and he’s already had some removed!) and a generally angry, disgruntled lower intestine. Don’t worry I won’t get into too much detail on that, other than I’ve had many years of anger directed at me by lower intestine. Sometimes there’s a truce, but other times…

So, I had to have a colonoscopy to make sure all is OK. The jury is still out on that. No polyps, thankfully. But, they’re checking for microcytic colitis and celiac disease. So, they took some biopsy samples and I have to have some blood drawn. This doctor was a new gastroenterologist for me. I think I’ll have another post about how I’m a little ticked that the other GI doc I saw 9 years ago for a colonoscopy didn’t check for these conditions…but back to the original topic of this post.

So, they give you some really nice drugs…Propofol to be exact. Fortunately, I didn’t have a reaction like Michael Jackson apparently did. At any rate, I was asleep quickly and wasn’t even aware of what was going during it. However, the first thing I remember, as I was waking up, was the nurses laughing and saying, “You’re at the endoscopy center. You’re not at work, although you must have been dreaming about it.”

I didn’t even ask what I was talking about as I woke up, but hopefully didn’t say anything to crazy about a patient or my co-workers! Is it a HIPAA violation if you’re intoxicated or incapacitated by a drug?


So, what do you do about them? I don’t necessarily mean those people who try to spam your blog or leave mean/inflammatory/flaming/fill-in-the-blank types of comments on your blog. I’m talking about someone who is maybe just an acquaintance, someone you’re not particularly close to.

I’m currently having a situation with someone like this. If I forget to make myself “invisible” on certain social media websites or email, this person pops on. This person has little to no interest in what is going on in my life. They knew about my current recognition but made no comment about that. They will maybe ask one cursory question about what I’m doing or how I’m doing.

Then, they launch into a long explanation of the current social strife going on in their life. They will ask if they can call me on the phone. I have come right out and said, via chat, “Look, I have a really emotionally challenging job. I really don’t have it in me to have long conversations with people about their problems when I’m at home. I want to spend time with my children.” Or, “Look, I have to get up and go to work in the morning.”

I’m thinking I may just have to tell this person, “Look, I don’t know you well enough to get this much personal information about your life. It almost feels like a clinician/client relationship, what you’re asking of me….and I’m not in private practice.”

I don’t want to be mean, though. I have close friends who I will talk with at length about the difficulties in their life, but they will also ask me about my own difficulties. There’s a true reciprocity.

And I guess that’s where the difference is in this relationship with this acquaintance. It’s all one person taking and expecting the other person to give.

July 24, 2009, 8:59 pm
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I’m really kind of excited right now. I approved a recent comment that was essentially a ping back. Initially I didn’t pay much attention. I was thinking to myself, “I better check that again to make sure I didn’t accidently ping back to a porn site or something.” Holy cow! My blog was mentioned in the National Association of Social Workers’ Blog! I’m feeling a little bit proud! And a little vulnerable…..

July 18, 2009, 6:56 pm
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I just have to share a very, very weird experience my co-workers and I had on Friday. There was a CME luncheon at the hospital for the doctor. It was about dealing with suicidal patients, so it we definitely wanted to attend.

Often times, we can sneak a free lunch out of it. There’s usually plenty of food left over after the doctors get theirs. But, that day, I brought my lunch and we usually eat lunch early, around 11:30. It’s nice to be back at work during the noon hour. It gives us the opportunity to catch families when they come to visit. So, we ate lunch at our regular time, but decided we were going to grab some dessert at the CME.

So, we got there a little early to be sure to get a seat. We grabbed a little desert and sat down. The CME was about to start and suddenly, a man leaned over my co-worker’s shoulder, grabbed her OBVIOUSLY used fork (we’re talking chunks of cake clinging to the tines) and said, “Thanks!” We turned to look and saw him to begin digging into his food as he walked to a seat!!

Of course the three of us burst out laughing! Had we just seen what we saw?? REALLY?!?! Seriously?!! WTF?!?!

A new social networking website….
July 14, 2009, 6:53 pm
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I don’t know if it is new, but I just stumbled across it today. There have been a few I have found such as bebo and we follow. But this one seems to be the most practical in the list of websites that are following in the footsteps of facebook and myspace. The website is humanbook. It seems to be pretty similar to facebook or twitter. The thing I find intriguing is that you can track who has visited your profile…I guess a little reverse cyber stalking.