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A new social networking website….
July 14, 2009, 6:53 pm
Filed under: social media, social networking sites

I don’t know if it is new, but I just stumbled across it today. There have been a few I have found such as bebo and we follow. But this one seems to be the most practical in the list of websites that are following in the footsteps of facebook and myspace. The website is humanbook. It seems to be pretty similar to facebook or twitter. The thing I find intriguing is that you can track who has visited your profile…I guess a little reverse cyber stalking.


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I have never heard of “Humanbook” and I do a lot of posting on my social networks. Thanks for the heads-up on this one. I will be definitely joining it soon.



Comment by MCFD

It looks potentially interesting – the problem is though how much time these all begin to take up.. Will have to check it out though!

Comment by cb

Yes…it can be easy to get sucked into all these different websites and be up late at night on the computer…that would be me!

Comment by oregonamy1972

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