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July 18, 2009, 6:56 pm
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I just have to share a very, very weird experience my co-workers and I had on Friday. There was a CME luncheon at the hospital for the doctor. It was about dealing with suicidal patients, so it we definitely wanted to attend.

Often times, we can sneak a free lunch out of it. There’s usually plenty of food left over after the doctors get theirs. But, that day, I brought my lunch and we usually eat lunch early, around 11:30. It’s nice to be back at work during the noon hour. It gives us the opportunity to catch families when they come to visit. So, we ate lunch at our regular time, but decided we were going to grab some dessert at the CME.

So, we got there a little early to be sure to get a seat. We grabbed a little desert and sat down. The CME was about to start and suddenly, a man leaned over my co-worker’s shoulder, grabbed her OBVIOUSLY used fork (we’re talking chunks of cake clinging to the tines) and said, “Thanks!” We turned to look and saw him to begin digging into his food as he walked to a seat!!

Of course the three of us burst out laughing! Had we just seen what we saw?? REALLY?!?! Seriously?!! WTF?!?!


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