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Drugged HIPAA Violation??
July 30, 2009, 6:55 pm
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So, today I had a colonoscopy. I have a pretty strong family history of colon polyps (my brother is 33 and he’s already had some removed!) and a generally angry, disgruntled lower intestine. Don’t worry I won’t get into too much detail on that, other than I’ve had many years of anger directed at me by lower intestine. Sometimes there’s a truce, but other times…

So, I had to have a colonoscopy to make sure all is OK. The jury is still out on that. No polyps, thankfully. But, they’re checking for microcytic colitis and celiac disease. So, they took some biopsy samples and I have to have some blood drawn. This doctor was a new gastroenterologist for me. I think I’ll have another post about how I’m a little ticked that the other GI doc I saw 9 years ago for a colonoscopy didn’t check for these conditions…but back to the original topic of this post.

So, they give you some really nice drugs…Propofol to be exact. Fortunately, I didn’t have a reaction like Michael Jackson apparently did. At any rate, I was asleep quickly and wasn’t even aware of what was going during it. However, the first thing I remember, as I was waking up, was the nurses laughing and saying, “You’re at the endoscopy center. You’re not at work, although you must have been dreaming about it.”

I didn’t even ask what I was talking about as I woke up, but hopefully didn’t say anything to crazy about a patient or my co-workers! Is it a HIPAA violation if you’re intoxicated or incapacitated by a drug?


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haha. during my colonoscopy (i have ulcerative colitis) I kept demanding chapstick…

Comment by Sgt. Social Worker

Hmmm, I too have had what my family calls YouTube up MySpace. Don’t think I said anything untoward. As long as the drugs were legal and taken in a legal manner, I think you’re covered. My condolences on having had to go through the experience.

Comment by Carolyn Preston

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