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A date movie??
October 4, 2009, 8:53 pm
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So, I went to a movie by myself today! It was actually quite pleasant…all by myself, didn’t have to share my popcorn and there was no child saying, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I went to see Zombieland and I loved every minute of it! It totally cracked me up! My guilty pleasure is zombie movies (books, too). You could psychoanalyze me on this one…a mental health professional that loves creatures that eat humans alive?

Anyway…the one thing I can say is that, for most females, a zombie movie of any kind would not be their first choice for a date movie. Nevertheless, several college aged males were there with dates. Down the row from me, a young man had a girl with him. The zombie grossness started right from the beginning. She got up twice in the first ten minutes. She came back and then the third time, she grabbed her purse and hissed at her date, “I’m LEAVING! Are you coming?!?” He looked at her and said, “Nope!”

So, guys, please remember that not everyone likes zombies. If you want to have a second date or maybe even finish the first date, you probably want to chose Love Happens or something similar.


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That made me chuckle! Some guys really don’t have any idea! Saying that, I remember a couple of first dates where I chose to go to the cinema with said chap because I thought at least that meant I didn’t need to actually speak to him for too long (in my mind, that is the only reason to choose a film for a first or early date!).
I also have always quite liked going to the pictures on my own..

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