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A recipe for stress relief at Christmas!
December 24, 2009, 5:32 pm
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I should have made my cheesecake last week when I was struggling with K-Mart. This is seriously a good way to work out that holiday stress….

So, start by getting two 8 oz packages of cream cheese out of the fridge so they can start to soften. While it’s softening you can prepare the rest of the recipe and relieve some holiday stress.

Take 15 round, striped peppermint candies and smash the shit out of them. I mean, really smash them to smithereens! I found that the flat side of our meat mallet worked really, really well. They need to be finely crushed. So smash the crap out of them (I put them in a zip lock bag and that worked really well). To put the finishing touches on the smashing, I rolled over them quite a few times with the rolling pin.

Now, get another ziplock bag and put about 35 chocolate cookies (they need to be crisp) in there. Take your rolling pin and smash the ever-loving life out of those cookies.

Finally, get a milk chocolate bar (recipe calls for about 3 oz) and smash the crap out of it, too. I found my Pampered Chef Food Chopper worked really well for this task.

The rest of the recipe is pretty mundane. It’s actually a very easy cheesecake recipe. You can find the actual and complete recipe here.

Now that I’m done decompressing from my holiday stress, I want to wish my 6 readers a great holiday! Be safe out there tomorrow and have a Happy New Year! And thanks, Reas, for giving me the idea to include a holiday recipe in my blog!


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Merry F’n Cheesecake! LOL I love you to smitherines, Amy Kay!

Comment by Karen

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone managed to stay healthy in your house. That wasn’t the case here but its not a huge deal since we aren’t headed to FL for another week…

Comment by Kia

Everyone stayed health in our house! The peppermint chocolate cheesecake was a hit, too!

Comment by oregonamy1972

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