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Whoa! I’m a professional??
March 26, 2010, 7:25 pm
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I find it so odd that, in spite of having a Master’s Degree and working in my chosen field for about 10 years now, I often don’t see myself as a professional. I mean, I know I’m pretty good at my job and people will ask me for advice (even other professionals), but for whatever reason I don’t always equate that as being a professional.

And maybe what I mean is that I don’t see myself as fully an adult at times. That also seems weird to say, given that I am quickly approaching 40 years of age, am the mother of two boys and have been married for almost 10 years…all of that in addition to working as a Master’s level social worker for around 10 years.

I had this similar experience earlier in the year when I was asked to represent my employer in a TV news story. It was like, “Whoa! They think I’m an expert!”

I had moment today where I was kind of struck by the same thought, “Whoa! I’m like a professional or something!” I now have a second job…it’s very few hours but my title is part-time teaching faculty at our local community college. I’ll be teaching seminar type classes to child care providers for their continuing education credits. I never thought I would ever be “Teaching Faculty” anywhere and it’s kind of weirding me out!


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Weird, eh? But yes, you are, you Social Worker!

Comment by Jen

Congratulations on the new job. I’ll bet you will be fantastic in it!

Comment by Carolyn

Would the owner of Blue Jean Social Work please approve me to read her blog? Pretty please? With sugar on top? (I am a medical social worker at a children’s hospital if that encourages you at all).

Comment by carolynsocialworker

Carolyn…Blue Jean Social Work is no longer blogging actively due to the change in her job title….I’m not sure if she reads blogs (hopefully she still does)…maybe she’ll see your post here?

Comment by oregonamy1972

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