Amy’s Life in Brief

Please don’t worry, Carolyn!
June 15, 2010, 6:50 pm
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I’m fine…in fact I’m brimming over with blog topics. The problem? Why am I not typing my little heart out? Same problem as per usual…how to talk about some of my experiences without breaching patient confidentiality, among other things…like pissing off family members, friends or co-workers should they stumble upon my blog and see themselves in what I’ve written. Not to worry…here’s a few tidbits from my life in recent weeks…

1. I had my first opportunity to be a witness in a court of law as a social worker. I doubt it will be my last, but I can hope, right?
2. Quote from a conference last week…”The transition to death with always remain difficult due to the widely and deeply held desire not to be dead.”