Amy’s Life in Brief

I’m not sure how people do it!!
June 2, 2008, 1:24 am
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Or maybe I’m just trying to hold onto too many activities while I’m working pretty much full time right now.  There are so many things that I’m used to being able to do…my postcrossing stuff, charity knitting, writing, journaling, etc.  And then there are the things that I HAVE to do…like the dishes, laundry, cooking meals, etc.  I haven’t been able to get to everything mainly because I haven’t wanted to give up time with the kids, since I’ve been seeing them less.  I’ve been feeling very irritable this past week because I just haven’t been able to get to everything I want to.  I just keep telling myself that the situation is only temporary, but it has still been hard.

And I’ve been asking myself, “How do moms, whose permanent situation is working full-time, get anything done?”  I just don’t know… obviously something have to give.  If I knew that I would be working full-time on a permanent basis, given our two-income status, the first thing I would do would be to hire a housekeeping service.  That in itself would be a huge freer of time.  I would probably also go to Dream Dinners and make up several meals there.  In fact, I’ve been considering that, but with Aaron’s diabetes, I’m not sure how those meals would stack up nutrition-wise to cooking from scratch.  Not very well, I would imagine.

It would help if Aaron would get in gear a little more with helping out around the house. It has gotten better over the past few weeks, so maybe by July or so, things will be more equitable.  Although, given past history, once I am less irritable his helpfulness will also start to wane.  Oh well…I guess that’s just the ebb and flow of a relationship.

My new job is going OK….
May 22, 2008, 5:46 am
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I’m learning a lot and it is a very fast-paced environment.  That has been good and bad.  The good thing is that I’m never bored and the day passes quickly.  The bad thing is that the day passes quickly and it is difficult to get to all of the referrals and is hard to get back and touch bases with previous referrals who really need follow through.  Today there were two patients that I really needed to get back and see and I was only able to make to one of them.  There were a couple of emergencies and I didn’t get back to the second one.  

I’m also enjoying working with my co-workers.  They are a very supportive and understanding group of women.  They understand that I haven’t worked in awhile and I’m still dusting off my clinical skills.  I’m feeling more confident by the day, but I’ll still get thrown by something.  Then, I feel dense. I need to work on writing up my assessments and writing my clinical notes.  That aspect has started to get easier but I’m still feeling like I’m not writing them very well and not very understandably.  No one has complained, though…I’ll just keep working on it.

I’m also learning how many people do not have Advanced Directives for Health Care, in spite of having very serious illnesses.  So many people don’t want to put anything in writing because they don’t want to think about it, or they seem to think their loved ones will know what to do because “they’ve talked about it.”  I actually fall into this category, but I’m going to get mine together and signed so it’s in place. I’m going to try and get it done before my next yearly physical so I can get a copy into my medical records.

All in all, it has been good.  I’ll continue to work essentially full-time until the end of June.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to hold up until then.  Aaron is still working on making that transition at home.  He is doing more to help with the kids and the housework at night, but there is still a lot left just for me…and that is so frustrating!  But it has gotten better.  About the time he makes that adjustment I’ll be down to working only a day or two a week and I won’t need him to do as much around the house. Oh well!